Fall Immune-Boosting Essential Oil Recipe

This combination of oils works well to relieve symptoms from colds and flu. Bergamot also has a reputation not just for helping keep the body from getting sick but also for helping it recover from illnesses. Topically – Eucalyptus oil is one of my favorites to combine with a carrier oil and use as a chest rub to support normal breathing. You can burn this oil in your home, diffuse it, or apply it to your feet, wrists, and chest (with lotion) to achieve its benefits.

Cover your head with a towel and place your head above the basin. Then, using your dropper, add 15-20 drops of your carrier oil to dilute. Savor the ritual by enjoying a hot bath or shower after application. I also add lemon to my all purpose cleaner as well as my immune booster roller bottle blend.

The essential oil is particularly effective at ridding the body from harmful pathogens that get past through the body’s natural defense.

And one of the many great ways to use essential oils for immune system support when you have a cold. It is a popular ingredient in several household products like hand wash and laundry detergent. These cleaners use common, easily accessible ingredients that you probably already have in your home. In simple terms, we could take this to mean that eucalyptus oil stimulates the immune system on the cellular level. Handmade by an alchemist with natural ingredients, lightly scented and works great! They grow their own organic plants that they use for the oils, so you know there is no pesticide or chemical fertilizer residue in your oils.

In a 2020 study, the effects of lavender were tested on the sleep quality of 31 young, healthy sleepers over three nights.

Immune Boosting Essential Oils

I didn’t eat meat, limited grains and stayed away from all inflammatory foods (sweets, fried foods, dairy) for a few weeks to give my digestive system a break. It also is a great addition to cleaning solvents. When people are looking to boost immune system function, it’s likely because they are trying to avoid getting sick. Fighting an illness? 4 ways to boost your immune system, they also contain manganese, magnesium, and fiber. Children and elderly people would need a lower dosage, and it is generally inadvisable to ingest essential oils, though it’s been known to be done in small amounts. The weather is cooling down. There isn’t much solid research in humans.

Depending on what you want to create, choose one or two from each category, creating your own blend. Would such a list even exist? You can also add a few drops to a bath before bed or mix with water and lightly spray your sheets and pillowcases. It is a wonderfully powerful oil to use topically to support health and the immune system. You can also add it to a massage oil, use it in a warm bath, or simply sniff it straight from the bottle whenever you begin to feel anxious. This means that it tends to kill the various microbes and bacteria that interact with your body on a daily basis.

Diffuse– Eucalyptus oil is wonderful to diffuse to support the respiratory system. Also diffuse overnight using a diffuser that can run for 8 hours like the AromaLite from doTerra. In fact, there are numerous essential oils that can be used for immunity.

  • You can also mix 2 drops of the oil to a hot tub to absorb its immune system enhancing effects.
  • Some of its properties include antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antiseptic.
  • Personal inhalers are a very effective, safe and economical way to use essential oils and you do not have to worry about how the oils may affect others around you.
  • Getting daily exercise and keeping your body fit and active is yet another way to ensure that your body is ready to tackle anything that comes at it.
  • I drank lots of water and freshly squeezed, nutrient dense juice.
  • In-vitro and in-vivo anti-Trichophyton activity of essential oils by vapour.
  • In one teaspoon of jojoba oil (or your carrier oil of choice), add three to five drops of oregano oil.


It’s also a powerful natural anti-inflammatory substance that can help deal with different bodily problems attributed to poor stomach health. Immune-boosting blends are essential to have on hand for those times when you’ve been exposed to sickness, or you know your immune system has been compromised in some way. Primary immunodeficiency disease (pidd): symptoms & treatment, in spite of their complexity, most of these diseases are monogenic, with the affected gene encoding a protein with pleiotropic functions. – This is a perfect blend to put in the diffuser. You don’t need to use topical application of essential oils as a preventative but it really comes in handy when you are feeling sick. These all-natural ingredients are your creative, convenient, and effective means of protecting your home from diseases. I’ve made this recipe every since I started using essential oils to help boost my families immune system. This powerful essential oil is antibacterial and antiviral which can help make you less prone to the illnesses that travel through your school or workplace. Clove essential oil is one of the most antioxidant substances on earth.

That’s why it’s important to make sure we’re doing all we can to support immunity. If it’s not immune health, you may be missing out on an effective weapon in your wellness arsenal. Overexposure to essential oils may lead to effects such as headaches, nausea, and possibly emotional disturbances. In case of contact, flush with water, but if a large amount of undiluted essential oil spills on the skin, use carrier agents and not water to thin it out and clear it away. Clove is one of the most potent antioxidant essential oils available. Mix all ingredients together and add to warm bath, swirl water with hand to disperse.

It also fills the house with a beautiful earthy aroma. A look at the powerful ingredients: The price is exactly the same for you as it would be without the affiliate link.

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Photo credits: Only use a very small amount when cooking because it is very concentrated and powerful. To restore your body and mind’s natural vigor, Eucalyptus oil can be a solid option. Instead, you can use some of these robust essential oils to help energize and refresh you.

Congestion Diffuser Blends

They can be used as a support for your immune system in a few simple ways. How to use it: Find this article helpful? If one or two diluted drops are rubbed in your pulse points, tea tree essential oil could serve as a shield against viruses and bacteria that you can carry with you as you go about your day. Majority of essential oils are not recommended for use in very young children, and some have been known to be harmful to animals.

100% of the ingredients are natural, safe and easy to apply.

Nevertheless, they should not be used as a cure for health conditions nor be treated as a substitute for doctor recommended medication. Put all essential oil ingredients and water inside a 4 oz. It smells so good!


It also be used to enhance the flavor of foods and your favorite savory recipes. Some of the widely known oils with immune boosting effects are: It is harvested from Ecuador. All it takes is a few minutes each day—ideally 10-15 minutes in both the morning and evening—to focus on yourself and just breathe. However, there are plenty of other ways that we can indirectly build the immune system by using essential oils.

“The Protective Effect of Citrus Limon Essential Oil on Hepatotoxicity and Nephrotoxicity Induced by Aspirin in Rats.

Experts agree that the reason why this period is labeled as cold and flu season is not because people feel cold, per se, but because most of us tend to spend more time indoors – making us within a spitting distance to each other and more susceptible to germs that spread bacteria and viruses! Add essential oils to diffuser with recommended water. Immune responses to avian influenza viruses, each element performs a specific task aimed at recognizing and/or reacting against foreign material. To cure common colds, a congested nose or persisting cough, diffuse Oregano oil for best results. I like to use a variety of approaches in my home, so I am sharing recipes for a diffuser blend, roller recipe, personal inhaler, bath salt, and chest rubs.

This continues to suppress the immune system, which can weaken it over time. Wellness shot review—i drank them for a week and it was a wild ride. For a different experience, try using steam to inhale essential oils. 15 foods to boost the immune system, most fruits and vegetables contain some amount of vitamin C, but your best sources are citrus fruits, asparagus, cantaloupe, strawberries and kale. Aside from promoting relaxation, lavender has been widely studied for its positive effects on sleep.

Stress, Anxiety, and the Immune System

However, if you can’t breathe the diffused oil in, you may struggle to enjoy all of the benefits. To be fair, though, the same could be said of our essential oil 6-packs for cold symptoms and for microbial infections, but that’s because essential oils are just godsends in general. Add 2 drops of oregano in carrier oil and massage into soles of feet. I use oregano oil in all the things! I love Eden’s Garden, Plant Therapy, Mountain Rose Herbs and Florihana. I like to diffuse it all around the house during cold and flu season and I also add a few drops to my diy all purpose cleaner (recipe coming soon). And if you do happen to get sick, eucalyptus oil’s decongestant properties can help to clear your chest.

Although there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to dieting, it is important to observe one that is high in fruits and vegetables because they are rich in vitamins and minerals that can do wonders to the body. For topical use, rollerballs are THE BOMB. Visit the CDC to learn when and how to wash hands.

Diffusing Essential Oils for Immune Support

You can combine it with a carrier oil and another immune supporting oil and rub it on the bottom of the feet or the back of the neck. Did you know that essential oils can work on the immune system in many ways? Essential oils can be especially beneficial for the immune system due to their antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. To learn more about the many uses for essential oils download my free essential oil ebook and join my email course here. I like variety, so I change up the essential oil blends that we use for immune support.

Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils

Secondly, there’s the issue of absorption. Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight. Robot check, finally, a varied and healthy diet is essential. While any of the above essential oils can be used in an immune-supporting blend, I’ve created two simple recipes that would be especially beneficial when diffused throughout the home to help boost immunity and purify the air.

You can unsubscribe at any time. – This is a great blend to diffuse at home to improve the indoor air quality and help you stay healthy. Oregano oil can be used every day to strengthen the body’s immune system, ward off diseases or hasten your recovery time when you get sick. It can also be used to maintain oral health and provide relief from toothache1 and sore gums.

Yes, and one of the best tools to combat the germs and bacteria during cold and flu season are essential oils! I also use it in my immune booster roller bottle blend as well as my diy all purpose cleaner. And we use roller bottles to put essential oils (diluted with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil) on the bottoms of our feet. Waft bottle under nose, inhaling deeply three to four times daily, as needed.